Your Business Needs a Bold, Bragging, Badass Boss Lady

Y’all want to hear some damn good bragging? Here I go!

The 25th Hour has served and supported over 40 businesses in 12 years. Five businesses, in particular, have partnered with The 25th Hour for dependable and timely services for over five straight years. I earned my OBM certification this year to honor my values of learning and growing and doing what ultimately benefits the clients that choose The 25th Hour. We will find that extra hour in your day and get you back to doing what you love most – that’s The 25th Hour guarantee!

Women do not brag enough, so as a woman in business, I must do it every day. Men brag even when they don’t deserve to, and as this Entrepreneur.com article points out: When men do brag, they’re good at it!

It isn’t a surprise that society supports and expects men to boast about why they’re the right choice, while women are taught to be modest. But…I’m about to change that.

I’m in the habit of showing up for myself by texting a brag to my friend Melissa every day.

Some are health-related brags: I brag that I went on three walks!

And then some brags are boundary and business-oriented: I brag that I did not set up any more meetings this week.

Even the most mundane thing is worth a brag: I brag that I tidied up the office. I think I finally moved Monday’s water glass back to the kitchen…it’s still worth a brag!

No matter the brag, Melissa says “well bragged” in return, and I move through the day with a little more pep in my step knowing I really did that.

Through mentorship, I was introduced to The Daily Brag and it works for me as I try to embody being a #BadassBossLady!

I must crawl out from under my comfortable shell and boast for having built and maintained a company for over 8 years. The small practice of speaking the truth and sharing my pride in my work is deserved and necessary!

The Entrepreneur.com article asks women to accept compliments, share knowledge as an expert, show their results, and let their satisfied clients speak to their genius.

Ladies, let’s keep stretching all our business muscles! Toot your horn, because the people we want to reach are listening!

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