You May Need to Hire an OBM if…

An Online Business Manager can be a sounding board for your business ideas.

OBMs make great gatekeepers, safeguarding your time and energy as the business owner.

OBMs are best at turning theoretical plans into measurable business achievements.

But do you really need an OBM right now? How do you know?

In order to hightail your business into the revenue-generating machine you’ve dreamed of, you must be able to articulate a clear vision. If this means working with a business coach or being part of a mastermind group, the additional focus will tremendously help you, your OBM and most importantly the bottom line of your business.

An OBM needs YOU to provide the “why” and the “what” – Why does this business exist? –What am I trying to achieve? – so that the OBM can provide the “how” – How can we crank up the productivity of this operation?

Before hiring an OBM, a business should be working with Virtual Assistants to tackle the ever-surmounting ‘to-do’ list. VAs are best at tackling specific recurring tasks and can be assigned a range of responsibilities depending upon their expertise. (Check out this document explaining the differences between a VA and an OBM.)

Consider hiring an OBM when you’ve lost the focus of the “big picture,” because your teams rely too heavily on you for support, leadership, encouragement and day-to-day instruction. Are you the bottleneck?

Consider hiring an OBM when you know your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

Leaders know that if you’re not good at something, then you shouldn’t be doing it. An OBM will compliment your weakness with their strengths. You may want to consider understanding the weakness and strengths of your team members too. Knowing how balanced, or off-balanced, your team is can put your progress into perspective. I discussed my Kolbe A Index assessment results here.

When you hire an OBM to get something done, you should feel secure in relinquish

ing control over that project (or team or system). An OBM needs your trust as well as permission to delineate and delegate.

Know that an OBM should ease your mind and your workday.

If you’re considering hiring an OBM, click here to schedule a 30-min connection call with me.

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