You Get What You Pay For – A True Crime Story

I was impatient to get this done – to ‘Fix This Next’ if you will – and I rushed to hire help. She was a professional, but our definitions of “professional” were vastly different. Now I had a product I couldn’t use, and I only had myself to blame. Let me tell you the true crime story of not following my Hiring #ProTips.

I wasn’t ready to invest. The words ‘cheap’ and ‘fast’ make me cringe now, but it was my reality at the time. I hired a designer from an online marketplace for freelance services to create a welcome packet for new clients. I washed my hands of it and sat back, waiting — expecting, to be amazed.

As a busy entrepreneur, I desired to be competitive and to stay current, so I put all my trust in the online platform. I didn’t properly vet the candidate presented to me, and I certainly hadn’t considered how much time I’d waste in the long run.

I could have looked more closely at several candidates. I could have expressed more of what I specifically liked about other welcome packets. I could have asked for references and spoke with her ahead of time. Instead, after she was hired, I waited and wondered when she would ask about my specific preferences, send me an initial draft, or show me an unfinished product to comment upon.

When hiring talent, know that their work will reflect your brand, for better or for worse.

This new hire designed a very flowery first page for my welcome packet. It was bright (too bright) and welcoming, BUT it was not at all aligned with my brand or business, and it did not look as professional as I was expecting. 

When hiring talent, be prepared to invest your time in on-boarding and acclimating.

I was intent on working with the designer to get a packet I could use. I dropped my expectations and worked toward an agreement about what was acceptable. I scheduled a screen share session with the hire, and we discussed what I liked and disliked about her design. I was specific and came prepared with examples. In the end, she helped me create a welcome packet I could work with. 

If you don’t have time to spend hiring talent, but you know your business needs to expand, consider working with The 25th Hour. We promise to do it right the first time!

Don’t be like me and become the next victim of a true crime.

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