What Is A Director of Ops, and Why You Might Need One

You’ve likely seen a few of my posts celebrating my newest certification: Director of Operations (DOO). It’s a role that I grew into with my longest-standing client, and now I have officially gone through a program that certifies me as such.

Working with clients, developing my own business, and raising two small children is a heavy load. When I added the Director of Operations program to the mix, I seriously questioned my sanity. As I look back, I am very proud of myself for juggling everything, completing all of the assignments, hitting all of my milestones, and achieving certification. This program has solidified so many things and taught me so much about business development and strategy.

So – what is a DOO, and what do they do? Well, read on, my friend…

In short, a Director of Operations is your strategic partner in developing your business. A DOO is with you at the helm to create and fine-tune your business strategy, and then they take that strategy and manage it across your team so that you can focus on the vision. Business strategies are unique and mean specific things to each business, and it is the role of a DOO to take your unique vision, create strategy around it, and make it happen.

We are exceptionally skilled in Operations though some of us may excel at human resources or financials or a number of other specialities.

So, do you need a DOO? Maybe…but maybe not.

This role certainly does not fit into every business. As much as you may love the idea of having a right-hand person to action your vision and get you to the next level, this level of expertise, experience, and commitment is an investment. In order to work with a DOO, your business needs to be at a particular stage beyond the start-up mode, as well as have a standing team (or at least a Virtual Assistant or Executive Assistant) to warrant bringing in this caliber of a team member. That said, maybe your business is at a level where it would thrive with the addition of a DOO.

Is your business in growth mode? Are you finding that you don’t have time to focus on business development because your energy is funneled into managing operations? Do you need to expand your team to focus on areas that will allow you to scale? Do you need support and inspiration to create an actionable plan to achieve your business goals?

I would love to learn more about where you are with your business. As someone who over the past ten year has evolved from a Virtual Assistant, to a Certified Online Business Manager®, to a Certified Director of Operations, I have first-hand knowledge to help you figure out what role your business needs next. Connect with me today to learn more about my path to becoming a Director of Operations and how The 25th Hour can help you find another hour each day.


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