transitions Sept Blog


A lot is happening on the homefront this month. My son has embarked on his middle school chapter – new school, (many) new people, new environment, and my daughter headed off to Kindergarten and rode a school bus for the first time! There will be a lot of firsts for these two and, with that, a lot of growth.

I love the transition between summer and fall. A new school year marks a new adventure with new challenges to navigate. The summer growing season slows, harvests begin, and we start planting for winter. I love to take moments during my day to marvel at the transitions in nature and how gracefully she surrenders what was and looks forward to what will be.

Recently I came across a few words that are perfect for change: there’s a gift in the shift. And how true it is! With change comes discomfort and maybe even fear. Fear of the unknown or of failure jumps to mind. It’s so easy to get too comfy with the day-to-day. Knowing what to expect within a routine is a blessing but can also stifle growth. As with most things in life, routines serve a purpose, but we also must make room for interruptions without feeling the stress of change.

As my little ones embark on their new adventures, I am sure with some trepidation and excitement, and as nature transitions gracefully and knowingly, I, too, am shifting and changing as I need to. The fine-tuning work I have done for my business over the last two years has been refreshing. This work has made room for new opportunities and new adventures.

I have taken programs, read books, and absorbed so much since the beginning of the pandemic. It certainly has not been easy, but I would not change one decision. I have created and refined new offerings within my business, The 25th Hour, and I have expanded and grown with my clients; and I look forward to applying my expertise to new clients. My transition has been happening over the last decade, especially since 2020. I feel like I’ve been in the final lap of a marathon! And how sweet it is. I have settled and am focusing on implementing all I have created for my clients and my business; it is time to harvest on all fronts!

While transitions can be daunting, there is also excitement. As I reflect on my kids lives, I am excited to see what they will create and build as they move through this year. And with that, I am also excited to see what I can co-create with my clients. Whether you need an experienced and supportive consultation to reimagine your time, or if you need a long-term thought partner and operations master, I hope you’ll join me!


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