Together the Team is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.

Without a cohesive team, a business may just be a grandiose idea.

This is not to say a tenacious individual cannot meet a demand with an innovative product or service.

Hello, here I am!

When it becomes necessary for a business to incorporate a virtual team, that company’s growth and sustainability requires team members to work in tandem.

An OBM seeks to run a well-oiled machine so you don’t have to. An OBM builds and leads a team committed to your vision and determined to fulfill your mission.

In working remotely with a medical device company to credential sales associates, I saw the need to standardize their training procedures. As their compliance manager, I proactively created an FAQ internal web page, designed a re-certification process PowerPoint, and regularly conduct on-boarding training sessions to teach them how to maintain their credentials so they can be more independent with the overall process.

There is a me in team, and the entrepreneur has the advantage of a peace-of-mind while working with me as The 25th Hour; your vision and determination cannot be compromised because you are the company.

My job is to stay connected to the “big picture.” That picture, your vision, enables me to drive the tone and communicate the spirit of your company to your virtual team.

I believe that synergy among team members becomes crucial to long-term success.

Here are my tips for promoting synergy when managing virtual teams:

1. Own your role as leader of the team

2. Be proactive and make tough decisions

3. Enable your client to stay focused on maintaining the “big picture”

4. Find team spirit!

5. Encourage communication

6. Consider weekly team meetings

What have you tried that worked or failed with virtual teams? How would you improve in the future? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or contact me anytime!

I like the information Roberto Giannicola, professional coach and facilitator, shares in this

video about managing remote workers. It’s definitely not rocket science but does take work to perfect.


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