There’s Doing and There’s Delegating: Let’s Discuss the Difference

What exactly am I doing these days? Good question! Well, there’s doing and there’s delegating. As on Online Business Manager, I’m moving out of doing and into delegating.

You may interchange the title Online Business Manager with Online Business Consultant, or simply Business Manager or OBM….

We won’t even mind if you call us your Fabulously Awesome, Handy Dandy, Super-Duper Colleague. ????

But one thing an Online Business Manager is NOT, is a Virtual Assistant.

Partnering with an OBM means collaborating with a strategist who will identify missing links in your everyday operations. An OBM will take on the challenge of bridging that gap in your business to streamline processes. An OBM is best used to turnaround major projects and manage daily operations.

A Virtual Assistant is a conscientious and motivated team player – she is responsible for getting today’s work done today! But VAs wait for directions and their assignments are generally task or project based work. They do what they are told, and so must work under someone’s guidance. We highly recommend you hire and work with a VA before you hire and work with an OBM. OBMs generally work with and delegate to sometimes multiple VAs to get things done.

OBMs are your independent business consultants

We analyze a businesses’ day-to-day procedures to hone in on what’s not working; that is, we’re looking for what’s creating a burden on the business owner whether they’re conscious of it or not! The OBM’s role is to:

    Establish or revise standard business systems and processes Isolate, troubleshoot and tackle operations-based challengesManage and direct a team to revise or re-brand an idea or productMake decisions on behalf of the business (with the business owner’s blessing!)

As an OBM, I consider your business our business. Leave it up to me to make sure we are a success! What are your questions about what OBMs do? Leave a comment below.

Here’s a three-minute video talking about the difference between an OBM and a VA as told by my awesome trainer and mentor, Sarah Noked.


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