The Value of Integrity

Last year I did a lot of growth work and made some big mindset shifts related to my business. I got clear on my values, mission, and vision which paved the way for me to create cohesive, succinct, foundational messaging. I now use this important document when communicating what I do and what The 25th Hour stands for.

One of my business is values: Integrity. To me, integrity equals trust, and trust is foundational to all relationships. When I work with clients, I treat their businesses like my own. I help them feel safe and work with them to transition tasks and some leadership to me and other team members as appropriate. I take on the heavy lifting so they can let go confidently. I own my actions and my duties and take full responsibility for them.

But I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, and when I do, I say I am sorry (and truly mean it) and work hard to correct them. One client in particular never had enough time to attend to the incoming leads by phone.. Because she had only one phone number (for both personal and business calls), she was often behind on follow-ups. She was serving as the customer service team in addition to CEO when there were teammates ready and willing to help – except they couldn’t.

After some persuasion, I was able to convince the owner to purchase a new phone line so the team could step up and assist with business related calls

Well, the transition didn’t go smoothly at first, and I was devastated.

I was up all night troubleshooting and stressing, and first thing in the morning, I called my client to explain the situation. When I spoke to her and explained what happened while expressing how sorry I was and that the issue would be fixed within hours, she actually THANKED ME for caring so much about her business and wasn’t upset at all! I was so relieved and exhausted. I’m pretty sure I cried. And guess what…the business wasn’t negatively affected in any way.

I own what I do. If I vow to make a client’s life easier by transforming their time through fine-tuning operations, researching platforms, or developing processes, I will get it done. There may be stumbling blocks (and I may stay up all night problem-solving), but a commitment is a commitment, and I stand by them.

There are a million ways I can support you and your business, and I would love to chat about them. Let me know where you’re at by heading here: https://www.the25thhourva.com/contact. I’ll meet you there, and we can find a time to connect!


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