The Brains and the Brawn: The Evolution of The 25th Hour

I established myself as a business owner by first working for friends. In 2012, a friend asked me to research places to go for a ten-year anniversary trip. Another friend requested I find the best assisted living home in California to care for her brother. 

Tell me what you want done and I’ll do it. That’s where The 25th Hour began. 

Finally, a friend wanted to apply to art schools to secure an advanced degree. I took it upon myself to streamline the admissions process. I created accounts, collected documentation, ensured their timely submissions and followed up with schools on my friend’s behalf. My friend didn’t want just a list of compatible art schools; my friend wanted to eliminate the overwhelming application process from her responsibilities. She needed to focus on showcasing her art.

Now when given a project, I envision the need – the reason why the project exists – and I begin there, in that headspace starting with the end in mind. This is the type of foresight The 25th Hour has become known for.

As an OBM, I do not just conduct comparative research for any given project, but l also troubleshoot potential or realized roadblocks and weigh the merit of alternative perspectives. I am the decision maker. 

I combine my brains and my brawn. 

Since undertaking the journey toward certification as an Online Business Manager I am encouraged to rely on my intuition, my raw talent, to hone my managerial and marketing mindset. I have possessed the necessary tools of an OBM since day one of The 25th Hour.

Today I serve my clients with such refined confidence they are getting results they didn’t know they needed or valued.

Chat with me about the evolution of your business. I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

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