The Profit Habit

August 1, 2021

“Profit is not an event. Profit is a habit. ” Mike Michalowicz I have to admit — I have this book, but I haven’t yet read it in its entirety. I have read, listened to, and researched pieces of it, and it remains on my top-ten list of books to read and reference in the […]

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Tips to Communicate Effectively

June 1, 2021

Ahhhhh…. Communication. It is indeed the key to success. So much has been researched and written on this topic that I won’t bore you with numerous articles and citations, or why this is such an analyzed topic (although it could be because communicating effectively is a life’s practice and a critical part of all your […]

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How to Empower Business Partnerships and Get Through “Sticky” Situations

October 26, 2020

Two heads are always better than one, but inevitably tensions will rise, and then it’s simply best to pause. Saying less and listening more will get you back on track to produce positive results faster. In the past, I have written about Michael Bungay Stanier’s coaching approach as an excellent leadership method to use with […]

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