Rooted in Values Part 1: How Curiosity and Integrity Guide My Business Journey

If you’ve ever embarked on a long journey, you know that it helps to have a compass. Mine, in the realm of business and personal growth, is rooted in my core values which I recently defined. These are the principles that guide my decision-making processes, influence my interactions, and ultimately shape the trajectory of my business. In this two-part blog series, I will share five core values that underscore my work at The 25th Hour and my signature strategic mapping service, Transform Your Time.

The first two – curiosity and integrity – play an integral role in how I approach problem-solving and building relationships.


As a parent and a former teacher, I’ve always believed in the importance of understanding people’s unique contexts before offering support. I bring a sense of curiosity to each interaction which allows me to understand the distinct needs of my clients and provide creative solutions to bridge their operational gaps.

Curiosity is an integral part of my personal life too. For instance, when my brain tumor returned, I sought seven opinions to explore all possible treatment options. My journey was filled with questions, countless hours of research, and an insatiable desire to learn more. My curiosity amused the MRI technician who recognized me from a peppering of questions at a future follow-up appointment.

This deep-rooted curiosity translates to all facets of my life. I remember when shopping for our first couch, my husband and I were asked if we were secret shoppers. We asked a lot of questions and made sure we knew every detail before making a decision. This is just how I approach life — I want to understand your story, and I am genuinely interested in learning about you.


At the heart of any successful relationship lies trust, and trust is built on integrity. To me, integrity means following through on my promises and treating your business like my own. I want my clients to feel safe in letting go and knowing that I have their back.

I learned about the SAY-DO ratio from a colleague, and it resonated deeply. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Breaking that promise is something that bothers me immensely. So, in my work, I strive to maintain a high SAY-DO ratio, always delivering on my commitments.

Integrity also involves genuine interest and understanding. When I ask, “How are you?” it’s because I genuinely want to know — beyond just the surface level. Following up and being present are essential aspects of integrity, in my opinion. They establish a firm foundation of trust, a prerequisite for any successful business relationship.


Next month, I’ll delve into my remaining stated values — life-long learning, service, and wholeheartedness — that shape my approach to business. Stay tuned to learn how these principles can help transform your time, realign your activities with your values and goals, and prevent burnout, all while you continue to fall back in love with your work.

By sharing my values, I hope to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and form partnerships with those who resonate with these principles. I genuinely invest in each client’s success, providing support that fosters business growth and enhances work-life integration. My ultimate aim is to help entrepreneurs reimagine their time and realign business activities with their values and goals. Stay tuned for part two of this series.


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