In 2012, starting my own business was the furthest thing from my mind. As a reluctant entrepreneur, I haphazardly tackled everything that came my way. I built a solid reputation, and now I am building a solid vision for my future work.

In part, my training in the Director of Operations (DOO) program through The Ops Authority is helping me fine-tune The 25th Hour’s offerings, as is the addition of two new team members; Mellissa and Rylee. More about them and their roles in my January blog, so stay tuned!

When I look back to January 2021, I can honestly say I have finally done the work to arrive at a place of clarity. Earlier in the year, you may recall I wrote about my values and mission and vowed to refine these throughout 2021. I wanted to create a more solid foundation for The 25th Hour and provide strategic direction for my business.

Before this, I spent eight years avoiding this reflective and intense work. I had a “fixed mindset” and a million reasons about why these declarations weren’t necessary. Mostly I chalked it up to being too complicated; I always had something more pressing to do for my clients — always putting them first. I was succeeding in all the projects and tasks I had committed to leading and executing with every one of my clients. I worked diligently and wholeheartedly each day on all aspects of my clients’ businesses, so why did I have to spend time drilling down into value adjectives and a concise mission statement?

Well… it’s simple; Clarity.

Clarity for my current and future clients. Clarity for my ever-growing team and for new teams I would engage. And, most importantly, clarity for me.

Throughout this transformation, I have continued to define my values, and I have a mission statement that resonates. You can read the latest versions here. As The 25th Hour continues to scale, these cornerstone pieces will also evolve. I will continue to reflect and refine our services based on our skills, passions, and expertise. 2022 is shaping up to be a fantastic year filled with more growth and adventures. It’s also a milestone year for me as The 25th Hour turns ten! Time to celebrate!

And with that, I wish you each a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2022!

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