Professionalism at its Best

The week of June 1-7 is National Business Etiquette Week, and a good time to set an intention.

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Let’s practice an etiquette in business that reminds others what you appreciate and find meaningful and not confuse etiquette with outdated business decorum that can silence and overlook professional women and minorities.

Be mindful and give your colleagues your undivided attention

People are our most valued investment in business. Refocus your attention on the living, breathing person in front of you to show how important they are to your livelihood. As we are uniquely eager for human connection at this time, focusing on faces and not screens may be easier at first. But as we get back into the swing of life, remember to put away that screen during a lunch date, a meeting or a presentation.

Hi, What’s your name?

Forgetting someone’s name can be awkward and that’s because we feel we have made that person seem insignificant to us. As a business owner, remembering other people’s names is important, but there is more to a person’s identity than a name. I like to share a few personal details about my life with my colleagues so they feel comfortable sharing more with me. As we form a deeper bond, I am reminded why I chose them to work with me, and they remain invested in my vision for my business.

Be grateful. Say Thank You. Repeat

Where would I be today without the free advice, the helpful offers, the connections from which I built The 25th Hour? Would I be able to approach those same people again for valued advice if I had not said thank you?

Send a thank you note to show your gratitude. At the end of the year, I often send gifts and cards to clients.

Thank you Sheila Swanson for working along side me for the past six years. Without your assistance, I would not be able to focus on what I do best as a business owner.

Thank You Shari Wiltshire and Helen Lambrix for spearheading my social media marketing. Without your expertise, I wouldn’t be able to meet the demand for content.

Practicing etiquette has health benefits too! Explore the gift of gratitude with Jim Kwik here. Also, peruse these nifty suggestions for maintaining etiquette while working remotely. 

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