People Matter Most

I’ve worked with many people over the lifespan of my business – each unique and skilled in different areas, each with a purpose beyond assisting The 25th Hour. With that, let me tell you a bit about my amazing team.

Last year, I found Mellissa. You could say we collided in an advantageous way (a story for another day). She lives less than an hour from my hometown of New Orleans, and I’m thrilled to report we met in person a few months ago! Mellissa is remarkably skilled in diverse areas. She is keenly creative, has a passion for active listening and communication, and is a talented systematic thinker– she is also meticulous when it comes to details! As she so often says, ‘details and words matter!’. Having spent 17 years leading teams dedicated to inspiring and motivating young people in Northern Canada, Mellissa brings her leadership, education, and experience to The 25th Hour as our Content Creator and Strategic Specialist.

Early last year, I was reunited with Rylee after she applied for a position for which I was hiring. We’ve known each other for about six years. I participated in a business accelerator with Rylee’s awesome, entrepreneurial mom many moons ago, and Rylee babysat my son before she left the area for college. Rylee is an award-winning, aspiring opera singer earning her Master’s degree in Music! And I have to say, and she has changed my operational world! Rylee is The 25th Hour’s go-to-on-the-ground-dig-into-the-tasks superhero. As our designated Virtual Assistant, she is adept at task and time management and gets stuff done; she would have to be as pursues her operatic goals and supports The 25th Hour!

I am truly blessed to be working with such talented, high-performing colleagues. They bring so much to the business and my work with our clients; I really can’t imagine my business without them! Adding to my team has given me new areas of exploration and unique offerings, so let’s get back to reaching stratospheres of success.

The people you surround yourself with matter; hiring the right people at the right time is the single most important thing you can do for your business. In The 25th Hour’s infancy, I channeled my skill and expertise into talent acquisition for companies – and I had great success. While this is still something The 25th Hour does, it’s not the only thing! Being a Certified Online Business Manager and soon-to-be a Certified Director of Operations, I am a strategic partner who supports businesses’ as they scale and business owners as they realize their dreams.

My team and I would love to connect with you today to learn about where you’re at and how we might best support you to make your 2022 a roaring success! We can have a short, 30-minute complimentary Curiosity Call to chat about your needs and to see if The 25th Hour is the support you need – reach out today!

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