My Zone of Genius: The Thing I Didn’t Know I was Looking For.

I had been straddling the world of “Online Business Management” since becoming my own boss in 2012.

While consulting with a client, she dropped the word genius to describe my strengths as a strategic thinker. My instinct was to decline such high praises, but in doing so I was not honoring my distinct talents as a businesswoman.

There are aspects of entrepreneurship that are daunting, debilitating and overwhelming to the business owner, yet it is in those areas of business development that I thrive.

I sought out in 2020 to exceed client expectations by securing my role as a business manager and cementing my brand as a certified consultant. Now that I am in the throes of a 90-day virtual Certified Online Business Management training course, I am rediscovering my business model and working toward my Zone of Genius.

Ah-ha! This is what I had been waiting for since the founding of The 25th Hour!

Sarah Noked’s Certified OBM program has:

1. Reinforced my commitment to professional business practices.

2. Brought to my attention the Kolbe A Index and StrengthsFinder assessments to uncover my strengths & the strengths of my clients.

3. Sharpened my marketing mindset

4. Broadened my perspective on management and leadership

5. Held me accountable! Shout out to my Accountability Partner, Yoluanda Brown of Magnolia & Ivy Consulting.

I am proud to announce that in 33 more days I will be your Certified Online Business Manager (Certified OBM®). Ready to roll out an improved business model, an updated brand and a whole new level of service.

A connection call is a great way to learn more about my certification, and how I can help your business meet and exceed its goals. You can set up an appointment here.

If you would like to learn more about The Zone of Genius we recommend Gay Hendricks’s book,

The Big Leap and this TEDxMillRiver talk by Laura Garnett.


Transform Your Time: A Strategic Mapping Intensive

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