Leading Wisely: How different leadership styles impact organizational health- Armored versus Daring Leaders

The Diverging Paths of Leadership

As a business leader, the approach you take to guiding your company has a profound ripple effect across all areas of operations. Your leadership style influences everything from strategic decision-making and delegation of authority to employee morale, productivity levels, and the overall corporate culture. Choosing the right leadership philosophy is pivotal for fostering an environment conducive to sustainable growth and success.

There are two leadership styles at opposite ends of the spectrum that yield starkly different outcomes. The “armored” approach is where leaders take an overly closed-off, emotionally detached stance. And the “daring” leaders who courageously embrace vulnerability and lead with empathy.

The Fallout of Armored Leadership

Armored leaders tend to avoid difficult conversations, dismiss the importance of emotional intelligence, and create barriers between themselves and their teams. While this style may feel safer in the moment, it ultimately breeds an unhealthy workplace.

Armored leadership often stifles innovation by discouraging open dialogue and dismissing emotional perspectives. It can severely degrade employee engagement and morale over time. Despite a leader’s best intentions, taking a closed-off stance opens the door to resentment, excessive staff turnover, and an overarching sense of toxicity in the workplace culture.

The Transformative Power of Daring Leadership

In contrast, daring leadership that emphasizes emotional intelligence has been shown to nurture cohesive, highly productive teams. This style is defined by setting clear boundaries, promoting open and transparent communication, and creating opportunities for every team member to learn and grow, even when it’s the harder path to take.

By fostering an environment of psychological safety and trusted communication, people feel empowered to take calculated risks, share ideas freely, and push their creative boundaries. This type of leadership allows teams to adapt easily to change and persevere through inevitable business challenges.

The 25th Hour Approach

At The 25th Hour, we’ve witnessed firsthand the transformational effects of daring leadership on an organization. Our consulting approach is centered around supporting business leaders in developing and operationalizing empowering leadership strategies tailored to their specific goals and needs.

The Strategic Mapping Process

The first step is getting calibrated on your preferred leadership philosophy through our Strategic Mapping process. We take a holistic view, working closely with you as the visionary leader to map out a path aligned with your objectives, existing processes, and company culture. But we also gather critical input and perspectives from others on your team, ensuring all voices are heard and all considerations are weighed.

From there, we collaboratively build the structure, systems and resources required to sustain your ideal leadership approach. We implement custom solutions to optimize operations, bolster communication channels, and provide guidance to help you fully embody a daring yet balanced leadership mentality.

The Adaptable Leader

The most effective leaders are those who can adapt their style to meet the evolving needs of their business. Maybe taking a firmer, armored stance is occasionally warranted for high-stakes situations requiring decisive action. But that should be the exception, not the norm.

True industry dominance is only possible when an organization is firing on all cylinders with an engaged, empowered workforce. That takes conscious leadership – leaders who are self-aware enough to recognize what style will breed success, and committed enough to put in the work required to get there.

If you’re ready to take an honest look at your leadership approach and its organizational impact, we’re here to help facilitate that journey. Daring leadership is a powerful catalyst for growth, but only if it’s enacted with intention and precision. With our strategic mapping and operational optimization services, we’ll ensure you’re truly leading wisely to unleash your team’s full potential.


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