Being from New Orleans, this time of year is kind of a big deal. While Mardi Gras for tourists means Bourbon Street and other things that I won’t mention here, for Louisianians, it is a season of get-togethers, parades, carnival balls, great food and music, and everything purple, green, and gold. March is also my birthday month, so growing up, having a birthday during Mardi Gras season was unique.

As luck would have it, my 18th birthday fell on Mardi Gras Day! I couldn’t wait to be able to flash my ID and order a drink, but on that day of all days – at the establishment I went to, no one cared! Of course, my excitement about my birthday – and what I do to celebrate – have changed over the years, but I do hold one tradition.

I have a local birthday buddy I celebrate with – Meghan. We share the same birthday and have been celebrating together since 2013! Covid messed up our traditional lunch outing, so the last birthday was virtual – and in fact, it included a then-client of mine – Gayle! I met Gayle with Let’s Get Organized in 2020 –she was looking for a Certified Online Business Manager, and while I wasn’t looking for a new client, I knew we had an instant connection (it started because we share a birthdate). So last year, I brought the three of us together via Zoom in honor of our day – it was so much fun!

It’s a little thing, but it has become part of my self-care practice. I love birthdays and believe it is vital to recognize the day you entered the world. With all of my clients, I prioritize acknowledging each of their team members’ days – whether it is a birthday or a work anniversary, I think it is meaningful and essential.

This year, the plans for my birthday will include Meghan and Gayle, and hopefully a flourless chocolate cake and a steak dinner. A quiet evening at home with my family, maybe even curling up with my latest book. It will include some reflection of the year gone by and the year ahead. My 2022 words are joy and discipline, so I will keep those in the forefront of my mind as I look at the months ahead.

And as I look forward, I am most excited to be in a space where we can guide our clients through a concise and impactful exercise. Our Transform Your Time Intensive is based on the work I started in 2021 to clarify my passion through a Director of Operations certification. I am thrilled to be able to guide clients through a concise and impactful process that will bring clarity, direction, and ease to you as a business owner.

I consider Transform Your Time Intensive to be my birthday gift to the world. Not only did I do the work myself, but I also developed a process to guide and support you through a similar process! Read about it here and connect with us to chat more!

Happy Mardi Gras, Happy Birthday to all of the March People, and if anyone has a great flourless chocolate cake recipe, please send it my way!

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Transform Your Time: A Strategic Mapping Intensive

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