March 1, 2022

Being from New Orleans, this time of year is kind of a big deal. While Mardi Gras for tourists means Bourbon Street and other things that I won’t mention here, for Louisianians, it is a season of get-togethers, parades, carnival balls, great food and music, and everything purple, green, and gold. March is also my […]

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The Most Important Priority On Your List

April 5, 2021

How often do you put yourself first? If you were asked to document everything you did in 24 hours and then group your activities into these buckets: Work, Home, Family, Me – what percentage would be in the Me bucket? For many, many years, my activities centered solely around my business and my family. I […]

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My Values: Putting Your Business First

February 8, 2021

The International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM) has worked hard to identify its top-five core values that guide how we engage in business as Certified Online Business Managers. They are: IntegrityCollaboration Dependability Problem-Solving Excellence Personally, I have also worked hard to define how The 25th Hour stands out as a small business with a […]

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Naming the 25th Hour

January 26, 2021

I’m a rebel in disguise. I must have been 9 or 10 when I walked with my family for the first time in the New Orleans Crescent City Classic 10K. Only five letters could fit on my running bib, and the C in Rebecca was mistaken for an L, so…I became REBEL. What’s in a […]

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I Am Grateful!

November 23, 2020

May I request a moment of your time? This will only take a moment… I need to shout this from the rooftops…. !!!!THANK YOU!!!! I am so grateful to be here – exactly where I am meant to be – and not for one second do I think that I did it on my own! […]

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The Secret Life of Rebecca

November 9, 2020

You may know me as your go-to, resourceful, strategy-driven OBM and CEO of my own business: The 25th Hour. But what do you really know about me – Rebecca – the person? Who am I when I’m not wearing the Chief Everything Officer hat? Well, here are a few things that don’t get mentioned during […]

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