Bringing My Best Self to Your Business

Like the actress and activist Tracee Ellis Ross:

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.”

Where am I? I am a newly Certified Online Business Manager. I am committed to a shift in mindset and a devotion to formalize The 25th Hour’s business model. I am bringing my best self to you and your business as a devout business partner. I am ready to present my recommendations and drive your team’s efforts. What can I help you improve? How can we influence others?

When someone hires me, they are hiring someone who brings their best self to the table.

Where do I want to be? I want the confidence of someone who has failed and learned and come back wiser and stronger. I want to assert within the realm of Online Business Management that I know my stuff. I have spent time crafting a professional service that is comparable to those who have skin in the game. I am proud of how far I’ve come.

I want to affirm that I deliver on my guarantees. I will delegate. I will represent. I will save you time and money.

What am I terrified of? Change, and justifiable so. The more you know, the more there is to know. Before establishing The 25th Hour in 2012, I started as a freelance video production assistant, earned a Master’s degree and became a second-grade teacher, and worked at a non-profit supporting adults with disabilities. I am in awe of what I have built, and yet Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) manage to still get in my way. I do my best to be mindful of and squash my ANTs as quickly as they appear. I collaborate with a wellness coach who guides me through mindful practices. It is best practice to be in the present because the best decisions are made when I am focused and energized.

I love learning and I love sharing what I’ve learned.  I am a student for life.  I will adapt to change. Together we will adapt and change and grow.

Schedule a Connection Call with me today and let’s discuss where you are in your business, where you want to be and what you’re terrified of.

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