An OBM’s Dream: Creating Order

Your business has met its need for Order when your business can both survive and thrive without you!Order is the third tier on Mike Michalowicz ‘Business’ Hierarchy of Needs,’ and he lists five core needs to securing Order. We’ve already talked a little about Michalowicz’s book, Fix This Next, in a previous blog. Let’s dive back in and discuss how an OBM can be of most value to businesses struggling with Order.

Michalowicz lays out five Core Needs in the Order level. They are described below.

Minimizing Wasted Effort to me means turning your Minimum Viable Procedures into Standard Operating Procedures. These processes should be written and accessible to everyone who works with you. There should be an SOP describing how to answer the phone, file a claim, pay an invoice, log an encounter. There is no business task too big or too small for an SOP! Role Alignment to me means ensuring that team members are assigned work that aligns with their skill sets and make use of the gift they bring to your business. A begrudging attitude can distract your team from ‘the big picture.’ True role alignment means working within your Zone of Genius. Your team members can be your business partners if given roles and opportunities that serve them well. Outcome Delegation to me means: Trust what you’ve built. If team members have been assigned roles that optimize their skill sets then a business owner can rely on their team to generate outcomes. A simple example is a brick and mortar business who would like to beautify their property. One could implement a top-down approach to solving this issue or work from the grounds up and solicit solutions from the groundskeeper. Linchpin redundancy to me means making sure the business owner is not the only other person who knows how to do everyone else’s job. Building-in redundancy means a business owner is free to vacation for at least a month, once a year. Set the bar! A business owner should not be struggling to put out fires because no one else knows how to turn on the water.Mastery Reputation – Are you known for being the best at what you do? To me this means partnering with an OBM to become a leader in your industry! Achieving in business means troubleshooting operational issues from a best-practices viewpoint. I am grateful for Michalowicz’s perspective and for providing an innovative method for tackling business issues within my line of work. These practices bring you and me closer to mastering our business and building our reputation! Stay tuned into my blog for more on Michalowicz’s Business Hierarchy of Needs and the best-practice of setting measurable goals and evaluating processes. Leave questions and comments below!#createorder #bestpractices #OBMsuperpowers #businesshierarchyofneeds #MikeMichalowicz


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