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Does it feel like you're fighting the tide no matter how hard you work?

Here’s why: an hour spent doing what you love energizes you,
but that same hour spent struggling with operational tasks leaves you drained and frustrated.

Here’s why: an hour spent doing what you love energizes you, but that same hour spent struggling with operational tasks leaves you drained and frustrated.

And you’re still trying to do both.

CEO of The 25th Hour

I’m Rebecca Scheetz

I help entrepreneurs like you break free of the overwhelm through individualized operations consulting.

As a Certified Director of Operations, I specialize in strategic planning, operational efficiency, and team & project leadership. Before starting my business, I worked in education, nonprofits, and video production. Since founding The 25th Hour in 2012, I've partnered with 45+ impact-driven leaders, helping them gain peace of mind, earn more, and reignite their passion for their service-based business.

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Beyond being an operations specialist, I'm also a...

Beyond being an operations specialist, I'm also a...

New Orleans native

Growing up in NOLA, I got used to celebrating everything in a big way. I love helping clients recognize even the little wins and milestones. Saying y’all is second nature, and I love beignets, king cake, and snowballs.

Brain tumor survivor

In 2016 and again in 2019, I gained a new appreciation for precious gift between my ears. After surgery and treatment, I was amazed by my brain’s resilience, strength, and flexibility. I started learning about mindset, and thanks to a plan and my trusted team, I also learned I could step away while keeping my business running.

Eco-conscious wife & mom of two

When I’m not streamlining operations, I’m probably enjoying the outdoors with my family, doing something to reduce, reuse, or recycle, or volunteering for LEAD Greater Williamsburg or Rodef Sholom Temple.


The 25th Hour helps impact-driven leaders of service-based businesses with strategic mapping, operations optimization, and team leadership. As a Certified Director of Operations, I partner with entrepreneurs to reimagine their time and realign business activities with their values and goals. With genuine investment in each client’s success, I offer support that helps them beat burnout, grow their business, and fall back in love with their work.


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As a former teacher and as a parent, I believe in meeting people where they are and offering them the support to get where they want to be. I come with curiosity, not judgment, so I can provide creative solutions that bridge operational gaps.

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Trust is foundational to any relationship. I promise to follow through and treat your business like my own. I help you feel safe letting go with confidence, knowing I have your back.

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Life-Long Learning

A growth mindset is crucial when developing new ideas, championing change, and making your vision a reality. I’ve seen a lot in over a decade of operations consulting, and I never stop seeking new knowledge and perspectives to serve my clients better.

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I've chosen to improve the world by offering my skills in the service of impact-driven entrepreneurs and their big dreams. By helping others achieve transformational operational excellence, I hope to create waves of goodness that ripple outward.

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I treat my clients as complete people, caring about their business goals and personal satisfaction in life. I show up fully as a nature-loving wife, mother, and bookworm, and my work is stronger because of it. I encourage the entrepreneurs I work with to do the same!

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I've had the pleasure of working up close and personally with Rebecca on client work as a colleague and team member and I marveled at the value she brought to the client immediately with the strategic mapping session that brought clarity to their vision, mission, and goals.

~Yoluanda Brown | Certified Online Business Manager, Magnolia & Ivy Consulting, LLC

I've discovered that the key to success lies in reimagining how we think about our time.

Once you do, you can adjust your mindset and systems to make your time immediately more effective and grow your business.

If you need a strategic partner to help clarify your vision and figure out what it takes to get there, The 25th Hour can help.

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