A Limitless Journey through Life Starts with the Brain

While obstacles exist and can block our ability to achieve, our human tendency is to devise limitations. We think of reasons why things cannot and are not happening in our lives; then we wholeheartedly accept those thoughts. Author and “brain coach” Jim Kwik believes the process of thinking is asking and answering questions, and that the different questions we ask ourselves can help re-frame our minds to overcome limiting behaviors. Discovering Jim Kwik is no coincidence. Because of my history with my brain [read about it here], I am convinced I led myself right to him! At age 5, Kwik fell and experienced a traumatic brain injury. Grade school was difficult, but he has since mastered how to learn and is now a peak performer. Because I love learning about learning, I tuned into the podcast, The James Altucher Show – Episode 580: “The Owner’s Manual to Your Brain” starring Jim Kwik. One of the next books on my list to read is Kwik’s, “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life,” and one of his ideas I am eager to explore is his theory on “dominant questions.” We discover our dominant question through a systematic process of asking and answering questions that arise as we rephrase our thoughts and deal with difficult emotions. A common question we are asked as young children is: What do you want to be when you grow up? You may have jumped in right away with an answer – A police officer! A Veterinarian! An Astronaut! Suddenly we’re older, and re-framing that question becomes necessary to live out our actual life’s journey. We now ask ourselves: What do I want to have? What do I want to share? What do I want to give?   As an OBM, the dominant question I ask myself is: How do I add value to your business? My strategy thus far when working with a new business is to first show up as an observer. This way, I learn about the business and how it is run. Unless the owner asks, I will not make changes to the business during my first 90 days. While I observe, I ask myself more questions: Would it help to take this/that off the business owner’s plate? What would that look like? What plan can I devise to re-distribute the work? How can I simplify things? Listen to more Jim Kwik through his business page here, and stay tuned into my blog for more on connecting to the brain, learning and living limitlessly! #limitlessliving #inlovewithmybrain #lifelonglearner #dominantquestion #JimKwik 


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