A Decade of Business Transformation

Happy Anniversary to The 25th Hour! Happy Anniversary to ME!

Do you remember when you turned 10? Double digits. Two hands to count. A decade! It was a big deal, right? Well, this month marks a very special anniversary for my evolving business.

Ten years ago, I took a leap of faith and started The 25th Hour. It seems like eons ago, yet I can remember the day I left my part-time job. On the radio, the U2 song, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” was playing. I had never imagined myself as my own boss. Never thought about the work I’d need to put in or the implications for my family’s taxes or healthcare. As a naturally curious person, I reached out to many for support, and I love that now I am able to give that support to others because of all I’ve learned.

Ten years ago, I started as a Virtual Assistant. Even in 2012, though I was a kick-a$$ admin person, I knew I wanted more. Being labeled as an “assistant” rubbed me the wrong way because I was always wayyyyyy more than someone who simply took orders and “assisted” my clients. Proactive, dedicated, professional, smart, resourceful – these are just a handful of the words clients used to describe me. And I was on fire.

So much has changed within the past ten years both personally and professionally. I went from one to two kids, moved, had brain surgery and radiation therapy, lost a few beloved friends and family members, gained extended family and new friends, and watched as my husband transformed our property into an urban farm of sorts – with chickens, and bees, and a tremendous garden.

Business-wise, I am grateful to have been supported by amazing colleagues and a supportive network. I settled in with a few beloved clients and took on a more significant role in their businesses. 40+ clients later, my myriad of experiences have opened my eyes, instilled a level of new confidence, and provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow

Finally investing in myself by becoming a Certified Online Business Manager was a turning point for my business and most recently I became a Certified Director of Operations, which provided even more clarity for the future of The 25th Hour. I’ve learned that operations is comprised of four levels: implementation, management, strategy, and vision. My sweet spot is working with both management and strategy.

I have been there, done that, and simply love helping others’ businesses grow and thrive (and… I’m really amazing at it!) I help impact-driven, purposeful entrepreneurs take back their time, do more good, and grow their service-based businesses through strategic planning, operational efficiency, and team leadership. I can do that for you – whether as an Operations consultant or as your Director of Operations.


Transform Your Time: A Strategic Mapping Intensive

If you’re overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward, The 25th Hour’s signature strategic mapping intensive, Transform Your Time, is the answer. It's more than traditional strategic planning. It's a deep dive into seven core pillars of your business, derived from The Ops Authority's Strategic Mapping Model ™.