Ready to quit thinking about time as a finite resource and start thinking about it as an energetic force that can transform how you do business?

Operations strategy to help
impact-driven entrepreneurs harness the full potential of their time.

Operations strategy to help impact-driven entrepreneurs harness the full potential of their time.

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Strategic Mapping

Transform Your Time is the strategic planning intensive you need to get from overwhelm to clarity in just three two-hour sessions.

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Operations Consulting

As your Director of Operations, I can help you rethink your approach to daily tasks, reconnect with your passion, and grow your business.

Her skills are unprecedented in a number of areas. She has single-handedly grown my team from 2 to 8 and has contributed to a 600% increase in my revenue growth.

Meg Bouvier, PhD

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The 25th Hour can help you achieve more.

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

Your business is your baby. But lately, that baby is keeping you up at night—and you're starting to lose track of the big picture as you get caught up in the daily grind.

You want to make an impact, grow your revenue, and enjoy life, but you’re getting in your own way. No matter how hard you work, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to start making progress toward the big ideas bouncing around in your head. True success in your business is possible, but it can only happen once you can let go and trust that things won’t break.

As a Certified Director of Operations and CEO of The 25th Hour, I’m ready to meet you where you are and understand the roadblocks you’re facing. Once we get to the root of your struggle, we’ll rethink your time, mindset, and team so you can get on the path to success and enjoy the journey.

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Ready to say goodbye to burnout and
fall back in love with the business you built?

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